The modern data platform for Software-Defined Biology.

Trace data from your ML models to your wells and back. Sphinx is a cloud-based data management and analysis platform designed for the life sciences.

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Spending hours wading through convoluted data?

Your scientists are manually organizing data and wasting time writing code

Your computational team is trying to keep up with rapidly changing experimental designs

Your ML teams lack context on data generated by your lab

There’s a reason (or three) data analysis and decision-making is so frustratingly slow.

Collaborate seamlessly with an end-to-end data analysis solution for your lab.


Combine your results and your experimental designs into analysis-ready datasets

Eliminate tedious data entry and formatting tasks through AI-powered raw data ingestion.

Parse semi-structured data into tables

Run statistical tests, fit curves, and transform your data easily

Use pre-built bio-specific statistical transformations without writing a single line of code.

Run statistical tests

Build publication-ready visualizations

Turn your data into stunning, interactive visualizations.

Build powerful visualizations

Capture scientist annotations

Add relevant context and comments to your data and analyses, track lineage, and make your science truly collaborative.

Capture scientist annotations

Sphinx fits seamlessly into your existing setup.

Integrate your LIMS, internal databases, and object storage for faster decision-making.

Outdated and homegrown tools are holding you back.

Desktop-based solutions can’t interact with the rest of your setup and create data silos

Older data analysis solutions can’t handle large-scale data

Other modern platforms aren’t purpose-built for biotechnology

Using Excel for manual data entry and folder paths for organization leads to transcription errors and hours spent searching for data

Building your own tooling is difficult and expensive to maintain

We provide easy-to-use APIs so you can ensure all your data is connected and accessible in any tool

We are cloud-based and can process large-scale throughputs

We provide pre-built transformations, customizable templates, and AI-driven visualizations that are bio-specific

We use LLMs for data entry, parsing, transformations, and visualization so that we can handle any shape of data and immediately surface answers

We are easy to use and require zero maintenance or coding knowledge

Sphinx slots neatly into your entire team’s toolset.

Try Sphinx

Lab Scientists

Get faster results on experiments and build publication-ready visualizations in minutes.

Data Science/ML Teams

Train your models on curated and annotated datasets with full experimental context.

Software/Informatics Teams

Centralize all lab data and build a data catalog with clear provenance.

Here’s how Sphinx is making a day-to-day difference for our customers.

Sphinx’s platform has been a game-changer for us. Our scientists are able to go from results to decisions within minutes, accelerating our experimental timelines.

Bettie Osuna
Head of Platform at Tacit Therapeutics

Sphinx has been an important part of integrating our wet lab and computational teams. Their platform has streamlined our workflows, eliminated bottlenecks and improved productivity for both scientists and data teams.

Erle Holgersen
Lead Data Scientist at Deep Genomics

Highly recommended! This product exceeded my expectations in every way. It has become an essential part of my daily life, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on me.

Nancy Smith