Meet your modern biotech data platform
Select hits faster, track assay performance over time, and learn from your results — all without writing any code.
Accelerate your research
Without having to scale up your computational team

Get to the next assay faster

  • Create informative visualizations with a few clicks.
  • Take advantage of our bio-native visualizations for chemicals, proteins, and more.
  • Remove the bottleneck on your computational teams — stop waiting for a informatician to send you back the results of your analysis.
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A Sphinx analysis notebook

Build interactive ML into your scientific workflows

  • Intuitive interfaces to ML models, built for scientists — no more emailing CSVs.
  • Access the latest and greatest open source models... or bring your own.
  • Track parameters and outputs in a queryable fashion.
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A Sphinx ML workflow

Never lose data or an analysis again

  • Take advantage of our centralized hub for your team to share datasets and analyses.
  • Automatically track where your decisions came from.
  • Define your program criteria explicitly and use that to automate analysis.
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Sphinx campaign and experiment tracking
Scientists should be doing science.
Bioinformaticians should be doing bioinformatics.
ML Researchers should be doing ML.
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